Every great love starts with a story. This is ours...

Miss Kiki Salon creates art, fashion, books, concept stores, films and gatherings that are designed to challenge convention, to inspire ideas and to bring together talented artists and designers from all over the world to develop new ideas and to inform new ways of expression.

Never without our cameras, we spend a lot of our time capturing the visceral beauty of nature, eternally moved by its ability to gently wash over our souls and re-connect us to the earth. Ultimately, those images become the inspiration for our textile designs, and our journal.

The Sagrantino grapes of Montefalco


Chance brings the most beautiful people into our lives. Last year, we came across an enoteca in Assisi called Bibenda where we very quickly engaged in a conversation with the owner, Nila Halun, She made us laugh and we fell a little bit in love. When we returned this summer, Nila greeted us like long lost friends. Lucky, lucky us. We mentioned that we wanted to visit some local vineyards to learn more about the local wine and we asked her where we should go. Within a hour, she had arranged a tour which was to begin at the crack of dawn the very next day. First up was a visit to the Milziade Antano family of Fattoria di Colleallodole who have been associated with the story of Montefalco and its Sagrantino grapes since 1975. Often described as elusive and mysterious, Sagrantino is produced by only a handful of producers in Montefalco and hardly grown outside of Italy at all. Here, the founder's grandson, Giordano, deftly takes us through his repertoire of wines which Nila encouraged us to finish because of their beauty and importance (besides, the Salonistas do not spit). Standing in their vineyard touched by the warmth of the early morning sun, looking over the valley and feeling a little giddy is a memory I will hold dear until my dying day.

Next was the lovely Antonelli estate, one of the oldest and most established wineries in Montefalco dedicated to the production of quality wines and organic extra-virgin olive oil. Here, we enjoyed a full tour; everything from the lush gardens to the cellars. We tasted some amazing wines, including the gorgeous Trebbiano Spoletino, an intense white wine of glittering quality - fruity and floral with hints of almond blossom and tropical fruit.

Finally, via Domenico Clarici's olive oil mill (I will tell you that story another day), we arrived at the Sportoletti vineyard whose eminently drinkable Assisi Rosso Doc is one of our favourites. The family is passionately dedicated to the production of fine wines at their old farm which sits between Assisi and Spello. Signore Sportoletti himself showed us around and officiated over the wine tasting. 

We were back in Assisi just before lunchtime having experienced something that was so interesting, pleasurable and inspiring that I don't think we would ever be able to repeat it. However, you can experience the wines of Montefalco, and the surrounding area, at Bibenda any time you want. You only have to walk in and ask. We learnt a lot that week and we continue to learn because, every month since we left, Nila has shipped us a box of wine. We don't ask for specific wines because we trust Nila to choose for us. We allow ourselves one bottle a week and treasure the experience of opening and tasting it, each sip taking us back to that glorious summer morning in the vineyards of Umbria.

Love Kiki x


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