Flemish Transfiguration


FLEMISH TRANSFIGURATION is a collaborative project between artists Dave Allinson, Rob Burton, Sarah O'Brien and Michelle Tripp. This looped film projection shows the the endless tying and untying of ribbons that changes the shape of the garment worn by the performer echoing the repetitive acts of weaving and constructing in fabric making and fashion whilst bringing to mind the endless daily repetition, flow and endlessness of the quotidian and everyday. In the title and projection the endless rhythmic motion recall Kafka-esque futility in the search for meaning. There is no thing but an infinite transformation, transfiguring and re-figuring.


Flemish Transfiguration was selected to be part of the Textile Art of Today exhibition.

The exhibition presents current global textile art in the V4 countries - Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. The exhibitions goal is to create a space in the middle of Europe for professional authors of textile art in the form of exhibitions, workshops, lectures and educational process for students of secondary schools and universities of art. The project is promoting an interest in textile art  and to encourage artists to innovative and experiment in the field of visual arts.


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