Mirror stage


The artwork Mirror Stage creates a dialogue in using two video projections playing on a loop in the installation space (the performance space). They are the subtext to the overt performance, they function as the undertone of the work implying other meanings and allusions. Mirror Stage is an installation that comprises a projections suggesting the patterns and rhythms of life and the interweaving of humanity in time. The installation endeavors to conceptualize the insubstantial virtual world of the internet and the exotic world of imagery that camouflage identity. In the postmodern world of the found and appropriated image that surrounds us we form a relationship to the image in the same way that Lacan describes the mirror stage by typifying the realisation of the child as "an essential libidinal relationship with the body image". The images projected onto the wall or alternatively shown on a monitor on a white plinth in the space are of a performance where the protagonist is scrolling through images that are projected onto her body. The images are randomly selected of children, the circus, fashion shots and glamour - the images of everyday media that as humans in the 21st century overload our senses each day.


A collaborative video installation/ performance by Dave Allinson, Rob Burton, Sarah O'Brien and Michelle Tripp


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